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How it works

Commissioners are appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. To become a Commissioner, the legislation dictates:

  • Two members must be the persons responsible for management of the following county functions: children's services, public health services, behavioral health services, social services, and tobacco and other substance abuse prevention and treatment services.
  • One member must be a County Board Supervisor.
  • The remaining members must be from the following categories: recipients of project services included in the county strategic plan; educators specializing in early childhood development; representatives of a local child care resource or referral agency, or a local child care coordinating group; representatives of a local organization for prevention or early intervention for families at risk; representatives of community-based organizations that have the goal of promoting nurturing and early childhood development; representatives of local school districts; and representatives of local medical, pediatric, or obstetric associations or societies.

Want to become a Commissioner?

If you meet any of the qualifications above, please apply through the County of Fresno.

The First 5 Fresno County Commission is made up of nine commissioners and a staff that carries out the Commission’s work. Commissioners are appointed by members of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors and include representatives from the Board of Supervisors, County departments, and individuals who have an expertise in serving children and families.

Commissioners meet monthly and they serve two-year terms and can be re-appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Meet the Commissioners

Guiding Principle #1 - Child Centered

Guiding Principle #1 - Child Centered

Child Centered
We believe that the health and well-being of children determine the prosperity of the community. We will always act in the best interest of children and consider the "whole child" including cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs.

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