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What types of programs or services do you fund?

Please visit our funding page.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

It depends on the funding opportunity.  Each funding opportunity has different eligibility requirements which are stated within the funding document.

Can funding be used to support fundraisers?

First 5 Fresno County funds cannot be used to support fundraisers.

Can First 5 Fresno County money be used to replace currently planned/funded services?

First 5 Fresno County’s has a supplanting policy which dictates our funds cannot be used to funding existing services or programs. Each County Commission will determine how the money is to be used based on its strategic plan. For many counties, this money represents an opportunity to address problems that typically have been severely under-funded and seemed daunting, such as child abuse and the shortage of quality child care. Each Commission’s charge is to spend as much as possible on children’s needs without creating new bureaucracy. 

Can faith-based organizations apply for funding?

Faith-based organizations can apply for funding so long as they follow the Commission’s Faith-Based Funding Policy.

Can funds be used to support activities for children over the age of five?

No, First 5 Fresno County funds may only be used to support services or activities for children ages 0-5 and their families.

So if a child is over the age of five but they have siblings that are under the age of five, can First 5 funds be used to support the child over the age of five?

No, even if a child who is over five has a younger sibling, First 5 funds can not be used to provide direct services to children over the age of five.

If my organization receives funding from First 5 Fresno County, are there any rules or policies that have to be followed?

Yes, organizations are expected to read and understand all First 5 Fresno County contracting requirements prior to applying for funding.

Does my organization have to report back to the Commission on how the funds were spent?

Yes, any funds granted by First 5 Fresno County must be accounted for, regardless of how small the amount.  Please refer to the specific funding opportunity for more information on the type of reporting required as each funding opportunity may have different reporting requirements.

How does First 5 Fresno County make sure the funds are properly being spent?

In order to ensure results-based accountability, funded agencies (service providers) are required to complete various reports and follow Commission approved polices and procedures throughout the term of their contract. Each grant is assigned to a Program Officer who provides ongoing oversight and management of the contract including but not limited to:   monthly data review, quarterly progress reports, comprehensive site visits, observational visits, mid and year end performance review, data spot checks, contract review meetings, financial reports, collaborative presence, evaluation requirements, technical assistance, etc.   The Program Officer is readily available to discuss successes, challenges, lessons learned, milestones and provides regular feedback through in-person meetings and quarterly initiative meetings.

Can First 5 Fresno County funds be used to pay for services that have already been provided?

No, First 5 Fresno County funds cannot be used to pay for any expenses incurred prior to the start of the contract. 

If smoking rates go down and therefore less tax is collected, how does this impact local First 5 Commissions?

There is no provision for funding to come from other sources. The Commission anticipates approximately $500 million annually from tobacco taxes. If fewer taxes are collected, then the amount of funds to each county will be reduced proportionately.

We would, in fact, hope that smoking rates decrease as a result of the tax. It is the goal of Prop. 10 to improve early childhood education and decrease smoking rates, especially among pregnant women and the parents of young children. The intent of Prop. 10 is to create sustainable programs for children that can continue even as Prop. 10 funding decreases. 

Tobacco sales have fallen significantly since Prop. 10 took effect. How will that affect Prop. 10 programs?

When the initial projections were made for the initiative, there was an expected decrease in tobacco consumption because of the price increase. The funding accrued to date is on target with the initial projections to raise approximately $500 million annually.

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