Hands-on Hero Awards

First 5 Fresno County’s Hands-On Hero Awards recognize individuals for their every day “hands-on” work
to help improve the lives of children ages 0 to 5 in Fresno County.

Winners will be announced at First 5 Fresno County's Event in March 2014.

Nomination Criteria:

If you answered YES to both questions, your nomination meets the criteria; please proceed. 
If you answered NO to any question, stop.  Your nomination does not meet the criteria.

Nomination Categories:
Additionally, the nominee’s work must support one of the categories listed below. (Please note that working directly with children 0 to 5 is not a requirement. Therefore, any person working to better the overall environment for children 0 to 5 such as volunteers, support staff, etc. could be nominated.)

Choose ONE category that best describes the area in which your nominee serves:

Individuals who work to support services that improve the health status of children: including preventative care, early identification of special health needs, and development of children ages 0- 5.

Individuals who work to support early care and education of children: including support for children’s educational environment and strategies that emphasize a child’s education to be best supported through partnerships among parents, child care providers, and other supportive members in a young child’s life.

Individuals who work to support a healthy development of relationships between parents and their young children and connecting families with resources and services that lead to more stable and nurturing homes and neighborhoods.

Who are you nominating?


In 300 words or less, tell us why you think this person is a hero.  If the nominee’s work for which you are nominating him/her for also happens to be their paid occupation, describe how this person exceeds their job responsibilities. (Include specific examples.)

Your Contact Information:

If you select other please specify below:

If you select other please specify below:

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