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Family Focus

First 5 Fresno County partnered with KSEE 24 in the public education campaign "Family Focus."

Video: Family Focus


Kindergarten Camp

First 5 Fresno County funds have helped thousands of children transition from their home environments to school.  See one little girl's transformation. 

Kindergarten Camp

Breastfeeding Support

Check out the BFF (Breastfeeding Friendly) Express! - supporting breastfeeding moms at outdoor events and working to make Fresno County a BFF place.

BFF Express in action


It was the talk of the town!  In 2009, The Big Fresno Fair and First 5 Fresno County partnered to provide breastfeeding moms with a unique place of their own. 

Mommy Zone - Breastfeeding Trailer

Importance of the First 5 Years Campaign

  • Father's Impact

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  • Ladybug

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  • Caring Community

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While First 5 Fresno County funds programs and services that work directly with and for children, we are also working to educate parents and the broader community about the importance of the first 5 years.


On this page are public service announcements and videos about the various First 5 Fresno County efforts and initiatives.

"Know the Signs, Be their Voice"

Want to know if your child is developing appropriately? 

Advocacy and Leadership Initiative

First 5 Fresno County is working to provide underserved, low-income communities with the skills to advocate for their children, families, and communities to generate solutions.

 Video: Impact of this Initiative


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