If children are healthier, early care and education systems are meeting our children's needs and families are stronger, then we will know “systems” for children have been changed for the better. First 5 Fresno County focuses its funding on three primary initiatives.

First 5 Fresno County recognizes that our children and families have great needs. However, we have limited funds and those funds must be invested in sustainable, long-term strategies that will have a positive impact on the greatest number of children.

Therefore, the Commission made a deliberate decision to focus the majority of its resources on the areas of health promotion, early learning, strong families, policy & advocacy, and partnerships & collaborative efforts.  More information on policy & advocacy and partnerships & collaborative efforts can be found under the "Policy" and "Partners" tabs of this website. Below is information on the other focus areas. 

A goal of First 5 Fresno County is to improve child health through preventative care, early identification, and services for children prenatal though age 5.  Optimal physical and mental health in early childhood are critical pieces to preparing a child for lifelong learning and social development.  First 5 Fresno County believes early identification and intervention are essential for all children to reach their full potential.

Health Initiatives

First 5 Fresno County believes all children deserve high quality early learning opportunities from infant care to preschool.  A child's education is best supported through partnerships among parents, child care providers, and other members in their life.  First 5 Fresno County is committed to funding programs that have achieved or are working towards nationally accredited standards of care (National Association for the Education of Young Children) in early care and education.

Health Initiatives

First 5 Fresno County believes healthy parent-child relationships are central to optimal child development.  First 5 Fresno County funds programs and services to support positive parenting practices, provide safe, stable and nurturing environments for children and increase parent leadership and advocacy.

Health Initiatives
Guiding Principle #2

Guiding Principle #2

Family Focused

We will view children in the context of their families and honor and support families. We will support services that are provided where children live.

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