Child-Friendly Business Awards

Happy parents make even better employees. Our annual Child-Friendly Business (CFB) Awards recognize businesses that support their parent employees in balancing the demands of work and being a great parent.

Research proves businesses that implement policies and practices that help their employees in their personal lives have a greater return on their investment. A Child-Friendly Business invests in the little things that make a BIG difference.

2014 Child-Friendly Business Award Winners

Educational Employees Credit Union
“When I had my children, in addition to disability leave, EECU allowed me to maximize the baby bonding time of an additional 12 weeks without disrupting my duties at work.  It made it very easy returning to work after being out for over 5 months with my babies.  Without the flexibility built into philosophy of the work environment, it would be a struggle to balance work and family.” - Company Employees

Furniture City
“Furniture City owners make us feel like family.  We can bring our children to work and they are very flexible with our schedules. In emergencies, owners have shown how much they truly care.  Last year, when one of our colleagues lost a child in a car accident, one of the owners paid for all the funeral expenses, allowed the father all the time off he needed with pay, and supported the family in every other way possible.” - Company Employees

Goodfellow Occupational Therapy
“My boss, John Goodfellow has been wonderful in allowing me to choose a schedule that works best for my family.  He treats every employee as family and is very supportive of our needs, even if it means taking on more work himself.  His great attitude and caring for employees is one thing, however always putting family first is rare in the business world and he does this wonderfully!” - Company Employees

Interim HealthCare of the Central Valley
“From a nursing room to a conference room full of kids doing homework, I can’t imagine working anywhere else.  The workplace is supportive of parents and grandparents in the struggles to raise kids.  I don’t know about policy but I know about heart and our boss, Sarah Ahmed has a heart for all of our children.” – Company Employees

Universal Biopharma Research Institute, Inc
“Our boss, Dr. Thusu goes out of his way to ensure parents feel supported.  Employees can bring their children to work, work from home or easily step out of the office for any situation that arises at short notice. This company is a great example of a child-friendly work environment due to the amazing policies catering to employees to be great parents.” - Company Employees

Why become Child-Friendly?  Watch this video.

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Past Child-Friendly Business Award Recipients
Studies and Research on Child-Friendly Practices 
5 Things Employers should know About Breastfeeding

Six Child-Friendly Laws Every Parent Should Know

Pregnancy Disability Leave 
Women who work for an employer with 5 or more employees are entitled to up to 4 months of Pregnancy Disability Leave.

California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
Workers may take up to 12 weeks of leave to bond with a newborn baby, newly adopted or foster child within the first 12 months of the child’s arrival in the home.

Paid Family Leave Act
Workers who pay into the State Disability Insurance can get up to six weeks of partial pay a year while taking time off from work to care for a new child or a sick family member.

Sick Leave Use for Family Care
Employees who earn paid sick leave can use half of the sick leave earned each year to care for sick family members.

Family-School Partnership Act
Parents who work for an employer with 25 or more employees or more at the same location can take unpaid time off work to attend a child’s school activities (40 hours each year, but no more than 8 hours a month).

Lactation Accommodation Laws
California law requires employers to give mothers adequate break time and a private sanitary place (other than a bathroom stall) to express breast milk.